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We all dream from sailing to distant shores, dropping anchor in beautiful bays, escaping the ratrace and living the easy life. But there is one pesky thing that’s keeping the most of us from living our dreams: Work!

But perhaps, it doesn’t have to be like this. A growing number of people earn money in location-independent jobs, such as programming, web design or freelance writing. This allows them to work and travel the world at the same time.

This site is meant as an information resource for people who want to combine location-independent work with a cruising lifestyle. It also features a blog which will follow me on my journey to become location-independent and a thriving Facebook community, where you are likely to meet meet some kindred spirits!



About Me

Although I wasn’t raised in a traditional sailing family, (and I had certainly never sailed my own boat before!) one of my dreams was to sail to faraway coasts. Somewhere along the road, my boyfriend and I decided to turn our dream into reality. We learned to sail, bought a small and used sailing yacht and managed to take 10 weeks off. In those 10 weeks, we sailed from Holland to the Channel Islands and back.

Those ten weeks were a baptism of fire into sailing. And the most amazing holiday at the same time. We encountered strong tidal currents, navigated around invisible underwater rocks, learned to handle busy sea traffic lanes, anchored in breathtaking rocky bays, saw dozens of beautiful sunsets, watched gannets hunt for fish and tasted the different local cuisines along the way.

When I came back I realized that for me, sailing was more than just a fun way to spend my holidays. I began to think about ways to incorporate this passion into my daily life. I started to make graphic short stories about my travels, and created a (Dutch language) sailing blog. My aim is now to become location independent, so I can make longer sailing trips and share my passion with others.

My other blog http://keepitsimplesailing.blogspot.nl/IMG_4808

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