Taking The Plunge


You guys sailed to the Channel Islands? With your own boat? For ten weeks? Wow guys, that’s really cool! And look at those pictures you took! Amazing.. This is quite different from our holidays. Two weeks in some Spanish beach resort, that’s it. Some people are just so lucky. I gotta admit I’m kinda jealous here.

What? You’re saying that we might do the same? Oh, I wish I could go! If only I had the money…

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Graphic Travel Reports


In the previous post, I said that I made graphic travel reports, and that I would love to publish those in a book someday. To give you an impression of my graphic work, I am sharing a report of a winter sailing trip I made on the IJsselmeer lake..

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So, Here I am…


A few years ago, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon a reasonably-priced little sailing boat. Tiny as she was however, she was very seaworthy. We saw this as an opportunity for great adventure. In 2013 we made a 10-week trip, from Holland to the Channel Islands, and back. This trip got me hooked! I wanted to make more adventurous trips and share my passion with others. However, in our 9 to 5 society, traveling is limited to scarce vacation time. And if you’re traveling by sailboat, that won’t get you very far.

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