Become Location-independent

If you are reading this, chances are you are a sailor, or you aspire to be be one. You probably enjoy being on the water. You like the quietness of a lone anchorage or the hustle and bustle of a marina during a warm summer evening. Perhaps the adventure of sailing attracts you.

Chances are too, that following your passion is limited to weekends and holidays (minus weekend chores and family obligations, that is). Passions are nice, but somebody has to put bread on the table. In our society, that almost always means: working eight hours a day, five days a week in an office, shop or factory.

A necessary evil? Or is this 9 to 5 life a choice? Can we choose to start living another life? Can we make money outside of the office? Can we start doing something that makes us really happy?

The answer depends on who you ask. ‘Sensible’ ‘responsible’ people, (often your family or in-laws) will often say that the answer is no. What if you would end up without a Premium Savings Plan, without a spacious house or (God forbid!) without a Swedish brand king-size bed? Disaster would be imminent, of course!

Others will say the answer is yes. Slaving in an office is for fools! Anyone can build up a location-independent income! Really! All it takes are five simple steps (or sometimes four, or six or seven). Buy my e-book, and you’ll be sipping cocktails on some faraway beach by next year!

I think that both vieuws do not match up to reality. The real world is far more complex than a simple yes or no. I believe that it is often possible to create a location-independent income. But there is no five step success route. So you will not find a clear how-to plan here. Instead, this site offers a number of links, resources and articles. Feel free to browse around. Read about how others made this work. See what kinds of possibilities there are. And, most importantly, use these resources as a starting point, for thinking about ways of earning income that work for you.

Success, and fair winds to you all!




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